Proper Use of Dog Training Collar

On this occasion, we come to talk to you about dog training collars. An increasingly common element and that dog trainers have different opinions about it.

What is a dog training collar?

The canine training collar is a device that is placed on the neck of dogs to remotely modulate and control the behavior of these animals.

These collars work by emitting an electronic pulse that does not cause harm or pain to dogs. In exchange, the dog training collar can regulate its intensity depending on the temperament and sensitivity of each dog. In all cases, the role of the canine educator is essential to ensure the proper use of the apparatus, but, above all, to adapt and integrate these training collars in the education and routines of dogs.

The electric dog collar is very popular with hunters

Not only hunters use these devices in their day to day, but there are also other specialized activities with dogs such as their use in security and accompaniment work, as a canine educator knows very well. And something important, dog training collars should never be used to punish animals, even when they are puppies younger than six months.

The canine education collar is safe when used correctly, otherwise, they can not only be ineffective but can also confuse or even scare the animal.

The system is made up of an education collar worn by the dog and remote control that transmits a signal that allows emitting an electric vibration/pulse warning or an audible tone by the dog or both in a controlled and simultaneous way. With this, it is possible to associate an animal's behavior with a sensory stimulus that can be graduated in a complete series of levels. Classic cases that every canine educator also knows very well They are the corrections of harmful behaviors that dog owners intervene in very often, such as punctual tendencies to eat trash on the street, jump in prohibited or especially dangerous places, chase cats or react aggressively with other dogs or with Unknown people.

Advantages of the dog training collar

One of the advantages of the training collar is the immediacy with which you can act against the behavior of the animal. The caregiver's reaction time is key for the dog to associate an illegal behavior with a stimulus to correct it. With this, it is also possible not to use physical force and to do it from a long distance, with the dog lose but insight. The training collar allows you to stop unwanted behaviors, yes, but also reinforce those that have already been learned. There are no breeds or sizes of dogs that respond better or worse to the stimuli of electric collars, it all depends on the ultimate sensitivity of the animal. When using an electronic dog training collar, the first thing is to familiarize yourself with the device by checking all its functions in detail as a good dog trainer.

How to put on the dog training collar?

The collar, as any professional teaches, should always be placed high, close to the ears and adjusted so that it is always in contact with the animal's skin, also taking into account that it does not squeeze. The dog must get used to the weight and the sensations of wearing the training collar. The norm is that two fingers of the owner's hand can be passed between the education collar and the neck. It is also essential that the animal associates the correction of the stimulus of the collar and not with the installation of the device. To determine at first what is the minimum intensity level that manages to capture the dog's attention, it is necessary to test the power of the stimulus from less to more. And very patiently, watching the dog's reactions.

Already in the matter, when the animal does something inappropriate, such as eating garbage, it will be necessary to press to mark the action with the stimulus of the canine education collar. From there, the dog will appreciate that eating junk is no longer as much fun as it used to be. The rest, practice and practice, training and more training. And of course, better with a canine educator as a reference.